Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Will you go crazy if you lose it? He is going crazy.

My husband is going crazy. The remote is lost. We didn't watch TV today and so I have no idea where it is but he is steaming mad. He has turned over all the couches, dumped out all the drawers, baskets, boxes in the toy room. He has made a huge mess and still no remote control for the TV. I can't blame him, he really needs to watch a show that is on the DVR. Yes, it is LOST. Pretty Ironic huh. LOST the TV show. Get it. He wants to watch LOST and the remote is Lost.

So he is still mumbling, stewing about looking, searching but never finding. He even woke up one of our kids to enlist them in the search hoping that they might know where the remote was. No luck after 50 min. I sent that child back to bed.

He just emptied out the trash can by hand looking through it piece by piece. It is pretty sad to watch him on the ground on his belly searching for this tiny little miracle of technology. Poor guy. I was helping him look, I really was but he was too irate and I can not handle that, so I told him I was not going to help him unless he calmed down. He didn't so now I am writing a blog.

He may come over and throw the computer soon, he is pretty miffed that he can not find that darn remote. I hope he gives up soon.

Wow, I am pretty impressed by his strength. He is under one of the couches lifting it with with one hand. I married one buff guy.

You know how most men are possessive of the remote, well my guy isn't. He actually hands it too me when I join him on the couch, if has it that is. He never asks for it, ever. He lets me have it. It is one of his very best qualities. Especially since I love to control the remote. He totally thinks I am better at remote controlling. I pick the best shows and can watch several at a time (back before DVR's) So he is a stud. I just hope that we find that remote.

You know what would be a cool invention. To have a beeper on the remote. (like they have on phones) So you push a button on the main device for example the TV or DVR. The remote goes off and beeps until you find it. Don't you think that is a cool invention. I just wish that one of those people who design remotes and their prospective devices listens to the humble request of a avid TV watcher.

Then I would not have a husband who is going crazy. He cant watch LOST because it is Lost.


Kristina P. said...

This reminds me! I need to watch Lost!

Jami said...

I hate it when I lose important stuff. A lost remote messes with us when we're trying to do the interactive stuff on the DVDs. Good luck with that.

Erin said...

Isn't it sad that we can't watch tv anymore unless we have a remote? It's almost like they did it on purpose - it's impossible to push the right buttons on the front of the tv. I hope you have found it by now.

sara said...

That's funny! Unfortunately when the remote is lost in my house, I'm usually the one to freak out and tear everything apart.
I hope (for your sake) that he found it.

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Oh man, that is not a fun thing. I lost my remote to my car a while back, luckily I had a spare key, but when you have to unlock the door with the key, it's just a pain in the rear. We are totally spoiled huh?

Laurie said...

LOL - hilarious! I hope your LOST remote turns up before Wednesday when the next episode comes on. Would you believe we have FOUR remotes for all the doo-dads connected to ours? We definitely need some kind of universal thingie.

Annie Valentine said...

I get Remote Love from my husband too. But the problem is, you can't watch anything without a remote these days. We're not lazy, just dependent.