Saturday, January 24, 2009

An answer to a prayer/ and Goody Goody Story

So my ring....
My husband came home and I let him know that I found the smaller diamond in my sons car seat so he went out in the dark with a flashlight to see if he could find the bigger diamond. He said as he was walking out that he said a prayer to help him find it.

He was searching through the van, all over and was about to take out the car seat to bring it inside for a closer inspection. He put down the flashlight, and was starting to unbuckle the seat when he looked at the flashlight on the ground of the mini van and it was shining right on the diamond, it was in a place where i should have fallen out of the van or been stepped on by a kid getting in and out but there it was in a perfect place to find it.

We have the diamonds and we just need to get it fixed. Yea!!! Hooray!!!

My husband just read my blog for the first time tonight and he said when he was reading my post on how much I loved my wedding ring that I had brought on the destruction of my ring myself through my own pride and the big guy upstairs is trying to teach me that a ring does not make a marriage. He is right you know. I love my man, he is my dream guy and my gift from Heavenly Father, so I guess I learned my lesson that the ring does not matter as much as I thought it does, it is the love, the commitment and the fact that he is super hot and attractive.

Oops maybe I should not have said how hot he was cus now that I bragged on that, he is going to get in some terrible accident and be deformed and ugly, or he will go bald, or lose all his teeth. I gotta stop that, "I don't want to be learnin' no more hard lessons."


OK now on to my other goody goody story...
One winter when I was sixteen a group of friends, including Jayson, went for a ski weekend at Park West (the old name for The Canyons in Park City Utah.) After skiing all day we were spending the night in a cabin in Park City.

We were watching a movie, and I was sitting next to Jayson. On the other side of me was a cute guy named Russel and we were all under a blanket. Russel did not know that I was seeing Jayson. We were watching this really scary movie, it is called "The Changling" and it freaks me out to this day. So my arms were folded and Jayson reached over and held my hand under the blanket. I was in heaven. The Russel reached over and held my other hand under the blanket. Was I so in demand or what.

Well unfortunately my hands were crossed and as each boy pulled my hand closer to him my arms were getting pulled in opposite directions. I was unsure what to do, it was mighty uncomfortable. Luckily, after 10 min or so, Jayson grabbed me on a scary part and I jumped and he wrestled me into his arms, and I relaxed and was in laying in his arms and we continued watching the movie. Poor Russel, I am sure he was stunned that the girl he was just holding hands with was cuddling another guy.

Well the movie ended and everyone was either going to sleep or heading to rooms to play games and talk. Well, Jayson brought me upstairs to this cool room that overlooked the valley through sliding doors, it was snowing and so lovely. He turned out the lights crawled on the bed and said to come enjoy the view. Which means come make out I believe.

So we were laying there talking looking at the snow when he started kissing me. Well I only kissed Jayson several other times so I had no idea what to do but kissed him for about five min.

Now this is where my goody goody girl comes in. I stop Jayson after five min. and say Lets stop. He is like "Why?" And I say
"I have to know I can stop you."

He was angry to say the least, got up and went downstairs to where others were hanging out. I followed him down. When we got there, My older brother was there and said "You two were totally making out" Jayson said "No were weren't unfortunately your sister is a major goody goody." Everyone laughed. I was so embarrassed and said I was going to bed. I went to find a place to sleep.

I went into the living room where kids were sacked out on the floor. I noticed that Russel was sleeping on the couch. So I went up to him, leaned over and said, hey can I share the couch with you. He lifted up the blanket and I crawled into his arms. Don't worry no kissing or anything happened, he just held me.

About a half an hour later, Jayson came in the room and grabbed the blanket off of us, thinking it was just Russel. Boy was he shocked to see me wrapped in another guys arms. But he just said "Sorry, guys." and gave us our blanket back.

Serves him right, he totally embarrassed me after kissing me like that. I dont remember ever kissing Jayson again. I did end up dating Russel when I was 23 for a couple of years.

That story cracks me up, can you believe I said "I have to know I can stop you" after kissing for like five min. I was brainwashed as a young girl to think crazy stuff about men and kissing and relationships. I was eventually de-goody goodied, and made out like a mad women, but not until I went to college of course.


Kristina P. said...

I'm glad you found the diamonds!

nevadanista said...

It's like you were the vampire and Jayson was Bella.

Kritta22 said...

Oh my stinking goodness! Prayers are answered!! You are one lucky chick!

I love your goody goody story! You were a Mormon slut! LOL I'm totally 100% kidding! LOL Makes me laugh though.

Ann Marie said...

So glad about your prayers being answered! Your right.. the husband is more important than the ring. Like I said, I havent worn mine in a few years, but I am going to get it out and have it sized and wear it now!

We are kinda like twins.. Seriously. I wonder how close we are in age.. Hmmm. And if Jayson wasn't spelled like that, I'd be wondering if it was a Jason I was with...
MY FAVORITE LINE: I was enventually de-goody,goodied and made out like a mad woman, but not until college of course! LOL..

momof3crazykids said...

I am so glad you found your ring. Tell your husband- the ring does matter, every time I look at it it reminds me of you and how important you are to me. That should win you some points!

Love your goody goody story!

Also the book Flipped, I hadn't looked for it online but they had it in my public library. It's a YA book so look in that section.

SalGal said...

The cage on my ring broke off in the middle of God only knows where. I hope whoever found the diamond really needed it. It was a good one!

Nancy Face said...

I'm glad you found your diamonds...that is pretty much a miracle! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! :)

NOBODY said...

I would like to brainwash my daughter, could you please give me any information I may need to start that right away?

Allison Evans Brown said...

Thanks for the wonderful comment. That was really sweet of you! It's nice to hear that.

Hope you have a good week!

Erin said...

Hallelujah for finding your diamonds! And I love the kissing story too.