Friday, January 23, 2009

The fist kiss continued...

I was fifteen and had been denying my boyfriend kisses for years. I had decided that my sixteenth birthday would be the day I would let Jayson kiss me.

About 3 weeks before my birthday I went on a young women's activity where we went roller skating at Classic Skate in Orem. There was this really cool, hot guy there who, I think worked there and was a great skater. He was a john Travolta look alike with the white jeans and all. Super geeky now but back then it was so hot. All of us girls were all ga ga over him, and kept giggling when he went by and wished that he would ask one of us to couples skate.

Well guess what?!? He asked me to skate the first couple skate of our night. He was so cool, he skated backwards, held both my hands and we whirled around the skating rink. I was in heaven. We skated and talked and spent all the couple skates together. My Friends seemed happy for me but I am sure they were all Jealous.

As the evening wore on, I felt like I was falling for this guy. He won me a stuffed animal in the claw game and bought me some treats at the snack bar, we sat in a booth and ate and talked. (I wonder what my young women leaders thought of me hooking up on an activity.)

The rink was closing and we were all getting ready to leave, putting on our skates. The hot guy had left me for a bit to get out of his skates but I was going slow so I would still be there when he got back. All the leaders and girls were waiting by the door for me, hollering for me to come. When hot guy came up to say good bye. He said he wanted to take me on a date, I told him I would be sixteen in 3 weeks and could then date. He had tickets to a the ultimate concert, Chicago. He asked if I wanted to go, it was in 1 month. I could go, I would be sixteen. I gave him my number and hugged him goodbye.

That is when it happened. He kissed me. I must say it scared me to death. The entire young women's group including leaders were watching and boom there was this hot guy kissing me. I quickly got free and ran toward the group. They were all so excited and talking, I was freaking out. I got home and told my mom what had happened.

I was in tears sobbing and devastated. I had tried so hard and did not make it. My mom was really cool. She told me that It did not count. If I did not want him to kiss me then it was really not my first kiss and I could still wait until my 16th birthday. I felt much better. While we were talking, hot guy called to talk. (I guess he must have been really into me.) My mom talked to him and told him I was upset that he had kissed me without my permission and I did not want to see him or talk to him again, and that I would not be going on the date to see Chicago with him.

I felt much better.

The next day I got a phone call from Jayson.

News travels fast when everyone sees you get kissed. He said that now that I was no longer a VL could he come by and kiss me. (What?!? He did not even care that some guy had fallen for me and kissed me. He just wanted his turn. Stupid Jerk.) I started crying, not because he did not care, I only feel that now that I am older and wiser, but because I wanted to be a VL again. I told Jayson that my mother said that kiss did not count because I did not want him to kiss me.

Then Jayson was really cool, he said that it was true and he would be my first real kiss, the one that I wanted on my birthday and he would wait the 3 more weeks. Cuz he loved me. Aww.

So three weeks later, We had a huge sweet sixteen party and Jayson was there. At the end of the evening he told me he was leaving and would I walk him to his car. He drove a refurbished mustang. (super cool, and extra hot.)

I walked him out to the car, and when I looked back the whole party was piling onto the front porch. Everyone knew that he was going to kiss me, that he had been waiting years for this moment. He stood there hugging me and asked

Can I kiss you?
Well um No
Not with everyone watching.
Well if they are gonna watch you should at least dip me and make it dramatic.

He Did
He dipped me down and planted a good long kiss on my waiting lips.

The people on the porch erupted into cheers, then went inside.

Jayson and I stood hugging for awhile. Then we walked slowly to his car, hand in hand, he got in and I stuck my head in his window and kissed him again, and again, and again. I have to say I was hooked on kissing.

Jayson and I dated for years, I even wrote him on his mission and dated him when he got back. Still nothing went far. I think I was too much of a goody goody for him.

Oh I have one more funny story about Jayson and what a goody goody I was. I will tell it tomorrow.


Jami said...

That's a great story!

{My first boyfriend was a Jason too.}

Kristina P. said...

Oh, the VL. Too funny.

Hairline Fracture said...

Great post. What is a VL? (I assume this is something a Mormon would know!)

I was a goody goody too, but not AS averse to kissing--I got my first real kiss at 14. I wouldn't do anything else, though!

My Diary said...

VL is virgin lips.

Jami said...

I never had VL. I was a little hussy of a toddler.