Friday, January 23, 2009

No No NOOOOOOOO. Not the ring, anything but the ring.

I was just sitting down to read some of your blogs and leaned my face on my hand to hold up my head...

And ouch, I got poked. I looked at my wedding ring on that hand and NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! It is broken.
Two diamonds are missing and I am totally panicked. I start looking around for the missing diamonds. Nothing. Not even in the can of cashews I am munching on.

I run around checking the floor, my pockets, I have no idea how it happened and even less of an idea where it the two lost diamonds could be.

I call hubby,

My wedding ring broke and two diamonds are missing.
Oh no what happened
I don't know I leaned on my hand and my ring stabbed me in the face.
Well look for the diamonds
I am (tears now)
Where have you been what have you been doing(I hear the panic in his voice, he knows that ring keeps me with him forever, and now it is destroyed)
After some time we hung up and I continued the search.

I went to my mini van and looked in each car seat. That is when I see it, mingled with the old pieces of baby meals eaten in the car, mixed in with broken graham crackers, a lone diamond. I pick it up, it has a chip in it. I look and look for the main diamond, the biggest one. Nothing.

So I must have broken the bar that held the rings in when I as undoing or buckling in a child.

Ooohh, What will I do. My marriage is over. NO, NO, NO!!!!!!

I wish we were rich and on his way home my hubby would pick up a new even better ring and when he gets home he gets on one knee and asks me to be his wife again. Oh if only we were infinitely wealthy, then that dream might have a chance at coming true. As is stands now, I will be a single mother of 5 soon enough.

I do love him and he does love me but that ring was really keeping us together. With the destruction of the ring we have not hope.


nevadanista said...


That's a heartbreaker!

But methinks your marriage will survive the destruction of your wedding ring. Mine hasn't fit since our last child was born - over seven years ago. I'm not even sure where it is at the moment...

Kritta22 said...

OHHHH no!! I can't believe that happened! You are so lucky to even find one diamond!!

I'm so sorry that your marriage is over.

My marriage was almost over once when I forgot (for four months) to not change the oil in the truck, and almost ran it out of oil. But I went and got it changed today soooo we are good now.

Hoping you find your diamond in the pantry or in the dish dryer next to the sink.

PS I'm coming over from Crash's site cuz you are the topic in the comment box!

Ann Marie said...

What? I am amazed at your super-human mom skills that could find it in the car..

Kepp looking girl. Don't claim the marriage over just yet.

Anonymous said...

I hope you find it soon!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Not the missing diamonds part of course. That's tragic. But the other stuff.

NOBODY said...

We saved the first roll of toilet paper we ever purchased when we were first married. It was going to be the symbol of our relationship and marriage.

One of my kids used it to wipe himself 5 times, clog the toilet, and still not get himself clean and the another kid used the rest to "clean" the bathroom.

I'm torn between giving up the symbolism, or just accepting that my marriage too will go down the crapper or be eternal wet piles of mush as well.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hee hee. I'm only laughing because I know the happily ever after outcome. And your husband is right. A ring doesn't make the marriage, but this post makes a good Lord-of-the-Rings story.

Are you Golum?

Hayley said...

I love your post...and it reminds me of a recent event in my can check out my "ring story" here.

I am enjoying your blog! Thank you.