Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello my name is Diary and I am an addict.

Oh my.... what a day, my husband stayed home sick from work so I could not be on the computer all day reading everyone's blog and writing my own. So now here it is almost midnight and he has gone to bed and I am sneaking in a little bit of me (writing) time.

Ok, I am addicted. Who knew this blogging thing would permeate my life. You did! You knew and tried to warn me but alas you are too late. I am in the throws of addiction. I will be OK though, we have a great support system don't we.

I actually played with my kids, and let my hubby sleep until noon, and cleaned the house, made a delicious meal and overall was a super awesome mother. I even worked tonight for 3 hours out of the house. I wont tell you my job because that might give away who I am, I doubt it, but you can never be too careful. It is amazing what a great mom and wife and person you can be when you are unable to get on your computer.

See, I had to show my husband how hard I work each day while he is at the office. I could not even watch TV, he might think I do that everyday. My kids thought they were in heaven, we did puzzles and painted, and had nutritious meals. They have never had it so good. Well, except for before the addiction they did, but who cares....I gotta blog.


Kristina P. said...

Blogging should always come before your family. True story.

Erin said...

It's sad but true. My son is watching Clifford right now. He's begging to play Uno. Just five more minutes son! (Actually, we've already played Uno 6 times this morning so I don't feel too bad.)

Ann Marie said...

You crack me up..
I actually never watched daytime TV before blogging. I have my limits on the computer, but the hubby still thinks that I blog too much... :)

Josie said...

That is SO funny, because it is 100% totally true!!

Jami said...

My husband is home every day. Arg! He's sleeping most of that time, but still! Get a day job, dude. So I can blog in peace. j/k kinda.

Josie said...

Ok- here is your interview-
1. If you could only read one book ever again and you had to read it every day what would it be?
2. If you could only take 4 things with you on an island, what would they be?
3. If someone you didnt like had spinach in their teeth, what would you do?
4. If you had to choose between your husband and your kids to rescue from a burning building, what would you do?
5. What was your most embarassing moment?

NOBODY said...

Blogging has done wonders for my sanity.
And for my kitchen and living room and laundry room. Different kinds of wonders.

I remember the addictive stage. It is awful. Fortunately for me, I only had two kids and a traveling husband, so my dirty little secret stayed a secret.

Natalie said...

Okay, I GET this! LOL