Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I don't have a dog or a cat, I am really not an animal person. My kids are cool with that because I tell them I can only take care of five things and I chose kids.

So I got a pet on Pet Society on Face book. She is the bomb diggity.My kids get to feed her and wash her. They take her to the cafe to meet new friends. They get to play ball, jump rope, and Frisbee with her. I named her Minzie, my husband got one two because our kids were fighting over our pets and he named his Squishy. A boy and a girl. Perrrfect. Now they can both play with one each.They also get to earn coins to buy them clothes. It has been a wonderful lesson in saving up for what you want. See my girls started to buy lots of food for the animals with their money and then when they wanted to buy that cool dress they did not have the funds. So then they learned to save up.

Now there is some pretty expensive things to buy for your pet, and my girls really wanted to get Minzie a tiarra. It cost 1200 bones. So they saved, and only fed her when she was really truly hungry and after two days they bought her the cutest tiara ever.

We have been buying play clothes for her and shoes to match. Plus fancy dresses and bracelets, she even owns a watch. All that spending adds up and so the kids have to keep on earning funds to pay for it all. They work their little hearts out taking Minzie to visit friends on a daily basis and even to the track to run races. She is not so great at the hurdles but they do fine.

Well we saved up enough to buy her the pink bed they wanted for her and the matching dresser. We even added some cute windows to her bedroom. Now we are looking to put up some cute pink polkadot wall paper. Gotta save up it costs 1200 too.

We have a little room where there is nothing in it and the kids call it the play room and take Minzie there when they want to play ball or frisbee. Smart kids, they tell me the room is empty so they dont break anything or ruin the furniture while they are playing. Brilliant! See these here internets have some mightly fine teaching tools for kids.

Well if you are on facebook you really have to get a pet, it is super fun for the kids, especially if you are anti pets such as me.

See you at the Cafe.


Kristina P. said...

You should do all that fancy Webkinz stuff.

Ann Marie said...

My 8 yr old wants a webkin so bad.. Me? Another thing to worry about killing. I hate the thought, but may have to give in.

I'm a cat girl, and outside only. No other animals ever! thanks~

Erin said...

I didn't know you could do something like this on Facebook. My kids would love it!

NutMeg said...

Dear My Diary- Thanks for being brave enough to comment on my blog! I am so glad you stopped by. And I hope you like Slumdog Millionaire as much as I did! See you soon chica!

SalGal said...

You realize that any of your FB friends who read this will know who you are if they know your pets name, right??? AHHHH!! Loss of anonymity! You'll have to get a new pet now. :)