Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Work it

So my husband and I think that we need to make exercise a priority in our lives, but then after the kids are in bed and we have a spare moment to work out, well we are just plain tired. So we don't do it.

We keep setting the goal and actually never working out. So we had a great idea, we would go to bed early get up at five and workout together.

We did it for two whole days before giving up. Are we just lazy, perhaps. But I think there is another reason. Some thing is holding us back, it is.....Apathy.

We just don't care. I know we should care and it should be important. But we just plain don't care.

Really Who cares if we are overweight, sluggish, and unhealthy. I don't. I mean does that really matter. Is having a healthy body really that big of a deal. Sure there is the chance that we will die early, but I really don't want to live very long anyways with the way my body hurts now, imagine what it will feel like when I am old enough to die an early death.

Sure exercise and eating healthy will help me look better. But do I really want to be even more attractive than I really am. My husband can barely keep his hands off of me now. If I was even sexier and more attractive, there would be no end to the demands for intimacy.

Also if I get better looking I worry that men will start hitting on me, I don't want that. I am a married woman, and I do not want temptations from sexy men right and left propositioning because I am so hot.

This may sound stupid but it is how I feel and I gotta keep it real. I don't think rapists look twice at me, If I get really really hot perhaps the likelihood of getting raped could go up, and that just terrifies me.

If I get skinny and people don't like me then it is my personality not my looks that are keeping people away. See right now I have a great excuse when I don't get admiration, or adoration from certain people. It is because I am overweight. If I get down and become miss skinny girl and they still don't like me then It will lower my self esteem.

So exercising and losing weight will lower my self esteem, men will hit on me, I will probably get raped, I will live to be miserably old and have way to much intimacy with the hubby.

Now just try and tell me I should exercise. I surely don't want any of that happening.


Melinda said...

Oh my gosh! I am never excercising again!! ACK!!

your word verification says: rologran.
So when you're a granny, they'll have to roll you around!? hahaha

Jami said...

You know you really should exercise. :P
[What? You're gonna delete my comment?]

My Diary said...

Never! will I delete your comment. This blog is about your comments, learning,reflecting and listening. If you have a different opinion, give it, I encourage it. Please I need to learn from this crazy life.

Ann Marie said...

Lol! Oh diary twin.. Your thoughts.. My thoughts... Especially about your husband not keeping his hands off you now.. Oh you are too funny!

Nobody said...

Holy.crap this was funny.

It is very hard for me to comment, not knowing who you are. Because some things you say, I don't know if you are serious or not and I don't want to be that mean girl, laughing at something you said, and you're totally serious.
Either way, this post is hilarious. Sorry if you were serious.

My Diary said...

Nobody, I am rarely serious!! But if I am, and someone laughs, then that is great because it gives me perspective and bringing humor into serious stuff makes life so much more fun.