Monday, February 23, 2009

He cares

My husband said that he came to by blog today to read my diary and there was nothing there. He was sad. I was shocked. My husband hates to read, like so much that he makes me read sub titles out loud when we are watching Hero's.
And even though he hates reading, he likes to read this. He is interested in my deepest innermost thoughts. He thinks I am interesting and funny and well, I think he just might be in love with me.

I have had the biggest crush on him since the moment we met. And now it looks like he might like me too. Oh man do I feel lucky.

When I first met him 8 years ago, he was introducing himself and I was talking to him and his brother. Every time I looked at Hubby, he was looking at me like he was in love with me. I knew he liked me. But he never asked me out. I wanted him to ask me to date him but he did not ask.

So months later I invited him over to my house with a group to play games. He came and we were playing games and when the evening ended, he and I were alone in the room, I looked at him across the room and I could tell again, in his eyes that he loved me. So I walked across the room took his face in my hands and kissed him. We stood kissing for a bit then I backed away and he said thank you. What a polite fella.

He later asked me out and the rest is history. But I have always been the one to make the moves. So it just feels great to see that he is interested enough in me to read this blog. Hey babe. I love you too.


Kristina P. said...

Well, you are a go getter!

Mighty M said...

Very sweet!

NOBODY said...

And now it looks like he might like me too.

That's funny.

I never had the nerve to ask the boys out who looked at me like they were in love. Oh wait, that never happened to me.

Oh, sure it did. But guys on psychotropics looking at you like they are in love just doesn't seem the same as your nice story.

Anonymous said...

Hey poster above me!
You are *not* NOBODY.

You learned some things about other people, now you are more understanding.

I know the post above was a long time ago, but I hope you feel better now. You deserve a nice story too.